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Stable Isotopes and Labeled Compounds Stable Isotopes and Labeled Compounds
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Stable Isotopes produced in the US

Welcome to our ICON website, I hope we can be of assistance in your stable isotope interests. While the listing is quite comprehensive always ask if a compound or gas is not listed, we may have run a synthesis or have reviewed the possible synthesis in the past.

This is ICONís 40th year in business and I am pleased to re-aquired the ICON business which I started and operated successfully for some 32 years previously.

All of our synthetic work is done in the continental USA.  Icon's reputation for quality and service is amongst the best in the industry!
Icon Labeling Inc has three areas of service; Custom natural abundance chemical synthesis. Under trade name U.S.Services handling Heavy elements Antimony through Zirconium Under trade name Icon Services handling synthesis originally of isotopes of Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen but currently includes stable elements of Bromine, Chlorine, Deuterium, Lithium, Sulfur and Noble Gas Isotopes.

We provide Stable Isotopes, Labeled Compounds & Gases, including Bromine 79 & 81, Chlorine 35 & 37, Carbon-12, Carbon-13, Carbon-12 enriched Deuterated Solvents Deuterium Compounds, Deuterium Solvents Labeled Gases and Mixtures, Lithium 6 & 7 Multiply-Labeled, Nitrogen-15, Noble Gas Isotopes, Oxygen-16, Oxygen-17, Oxygen-18, Sulfur-34 and Nitrogen-15 in Agronomic applications

Order Stable Isotopes, Labeled Compounds & Gases, view our conditions of sale, and packagaing and shipping options. View a sample of our client list and a complete list of products we sell.

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