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Stable Isotopes produced in the US

We are proud of the qualifications of Icon's staff, which gives us extensive experience and expertise in synthetics, with more than 32 years exclusively in stable isotopes. Synthetic timeframes and potential capability of synthesis quotations are based on experience which is utilized to temper references in literature.

Icon has been formed exclusively to service researcher requirements for compounds labeled with stable isotopes. Our facilities are totally dedicated to stable isotope production and synthesis.

All of our synthetic work is done in the continental USA.  Icon's reputation for quality and service is amongst the best in the industry!
Icon is pleased to announce a partnership with Berry & Associates. This partnership will increase our synthetic capabilities and widen the range of product offerings to our world-wide clients. Berry & Associates is a well established provider of a larger range of nucleosides, phosphoramidites and specialty reagents for life science research. Berry & Associates? proven abilities to design develop and deliver will provide ICON customers with reliable custom services and reliable delivery. Please click here to see more of what Berry & Associates has to offer. The experienced ICON staff, in combination with Berry & Associates look forward to continuing to fulfill your stable isotope labeled requirements in the near future

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