Sulfur-34 Compounds

(natural abundance 4.22%)

Sulfur is becoming an increasingly important research tool for studying environmental pollution, for ecological, medical, and biomedical research.

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IS 7012 Carbon disulfide CS2 90 request
IS 7016 Carbonyl sulfide COS 90 request
IS 7080 Magnesium Sulfate MgSO4 90 request
IS 7095 Potassium thiocyanate KSCN2 90 request
IS 7109 Sulfur S 90 request
IS 7110 Sodium sulfate Na2SO4 90 request
IS 7112 Sulfur dioxide SO2 90 request
IS 7115 Sulfuric acid H2SO4 90 request
IS 7125 Thioacetamide CH3CSNH2 90 request
IS 7130 Thiourea NH2CSNH2 90 request

Sulfur-34 Production Plans:
We are preparing to make available bulk quantities of the
above compounds with enrichment levels of approximately 10%.
The pricing of these materials will be targeted to encourage
large-scale agricultural and extended environmental studies.

NOTE - concerning Sulfur-36:
We have been able to offer the above compounds at reasonable
price levels. Low enrichment material for agricultural studies
is also available economically from time to time. Please inquire.



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